What is CCNA?

  • An acronym of Cisco Certified Network Associate, it is an entry level and one of the most popular IT certifications in the field of computer hardware and networking. As the name itself suggests, it is offered by Cisco Systems Inc – world’s largest company to manufacture networking equipment and tools.

    Students aspiring to make their in IT industry, especially in hardware and networking area, opt for this course to ensure a better career orientation and continuous growth opportunities.

    To get yourself certified for this Cisco exam, you need to pass a written test that lasts for an hour and a half. This exam has no predefined prerequisites for candidates, so all you need to have is an interest and the passion for networking.

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  • As it is an entry level certification program by Cisco, there is no prerequisites for the candidates going for this exam. Any student with basic understanding of computer networking and can apply to be certified. 

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    Required Examinations:

    This is important to note that a Cisco Certified Network Associate is required to re-certify themselves after three years. The validity for this certification is three years.  Candidates seeking to re-certify can do so by passing the latest exam or can pass a higher level of certification by Cisco. To make it clear, if a student passes a professional level of examination, his/her certificate gets re-validated. 

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  • As a certified associate, I now know what difference this single course can mean to my career. Though, it's just an entry into the IT world, my career has got a shape and now I know what I must be doing. Must be thankful to my trainer at ISOL, he had been a great inspiration to me during my boot camp.  - Nusrat Ansari, Dubai

    After those lovely training days in Thailand, I would be back in December 2012 for a CCNP. Your support matters a lot all the time.  - Jennifer Jakes, Ireland

    My CCNA got me into networking, it's what I loved from the being. CCNP has added more to my kits. Thanks, you did what you said. Thanks ISOL.  - Piyali Saha, Nepal

Skills, Opportunities and Growth Prospects for Certified  Professionals

As a Cisco Certified Network Associate, you will have the complete understanding of computer networks. You will be able to create secure connections to remote sites by way of Wireless Area Network (WAN) minimizing any threat of security breaches. You will also be familiar with the working concepts of IP, EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol), SLIPFR (Serial Line Interface Protocol Frame Relay), RIPv2 (Routing Information Protocol Version 2), VLANs, Ethernet, and ACL (Access Control Lists).  In simpler terms, you will learn how to set up and troubleshoot various hardware and Cisco equipment.

Some of the most respectful designations you may hold after you have successfully acquired the certification are – Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Systems Network Programmer or Analyst, Information Systems Manager, Service Technician etc.

In terms of growth, you will have tremendous opportunities in information technology industry. After this certification, you can go for advanced training like CCNP and CCIE to add more feathers to your skills. In short, it will continue to be overwhelming with every milestone you achieve. CCNA Certification is definitely a valid stamp of approval for associate-level professionals aspiring a brighter future in networking arena.

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